The Society also engages in ADVOCACY. The Voice of the Poor (VOP) is the advocacy arm of the National Society of St. Vincent de Paul with members representing every section and demographic of the nation. The VOP identifies those issues that are critical to those in poverty and need, and helps bring a attention to them so communities and our elected representatives can help develop strategies and tactics that will provide the most effective means to reduce or eliminate poverty.

Saint Dorothea Conference also monitors Local ordinances that affect those in poverty in our community and advocates for or against their passage.

How You Can Get Involved

An online system called Capwiz allows members or supporters of the Society to reach out to lawmakers when there is legislative activity, or lack of it, that affects those living in poverty. Joining the Capwiz email system allows you to receive alerts on upcoming legislative actions that affect the poor.

SVdP and the Circle of Protection (COP)

SVdP has signed on to the Circle of Protection (COP) to raise the issue of hunger and poverty for the 2016 presidential campaign. The COP is a coalition composed of more than 65 heads of denominations, relief and development agencies, and other Christian organizations. The COP cares deeply about many issues facing our country, but ending hunger and poverty is a top priority of our work together. The COP asked each presidential candidate to record a three-minute video about how they intend to address the issues of ending hunger and poverty. The COP presents the videos without comment or endorsement.

Links to additional information:

To find out more about the VOTP and how you can get involved go to:

For information about how to join Capwiz go to:

Here is a link to the videos that COP has received so far:

Click here to download the Circle of Protection study guide for the presidential candidate videos.

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