Thank you for your interest in donating your time, talents and skills to help us provide
essential services to individuals and families in need.  There are several areas of service available:

Intake Caller: An intake caller calls our hotline number on the date assigned to them and then enters the messages onto an intake form. This information is then forwarded to the person who coordinates visitors via email.

Administration: There are several administrative duties available such as maintaining lists of home visit results, filing completed home visit reports, and raising funds. Help is particularly needed during the year with our largest fund-raising efforts such as our annual friends of the poor walk, and our annual soup dinner.

Handyman: Handymen (and women!) are needed to help families in need with home maintenance such as small repairs, mowing lawns, etc.

Visitor: A home visitor, after receiving training, will be assigned a “guest” (a person has called for help) to visit. Home visitors always meet guests in pairs. After the visit, the case gets written up and discussed at our next meeting. Please Note: a criminal background check and fingerprints are required for this service.

Food Pantry: Help is needed to deliver food to guests who can’t get to the food pantry and pick up food for themselves.

Accounting: Help is needed with reconciling financial records and making sure they are consistent with national and IRS requirements.  An accounting background would be helpful for this position.

Mentors:  Mentors are needed for our “getting ahead program.” This program assists residents who are struggling financially so that they can learn about the root causes of poverty, build resources for themselves, and gain a greater stability in their lives. Mentors provide encouragement and support for participants in the program as they strive to meet their goals.

Donated Goods Coordinator: Help is needed in soliciting items needed for guests, tracking donated goods, and getting those donated items delivered to guests as appropriate.


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