Just one missed rent/mortgage payment, unpaid utility bill, or other unmet financial obligation, can turn a temporary financial setback into crisis. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul strives to prevent families from experiencing the downward spiral that results when they cannot pay bills due to an emergency or other unexpected event such as unemployment, illness, or natural disaster. The Society acts as a safety net, helping people recover after a difficult time. Some people get back on their feet with one time assistance and other families may need a change agent to help them become financially independent over a period of time.

The St. Dorothea Conference, St. Vincent de Paul Society offers financial aid to families in crisis, easing some of their financial burdens so they can start getting back on track. Families come to us most frequently for help with past due rent and utility bills. Often, our help is needed to avoid eviction or utility shut-offs. We do our best to be creative in helping where we can, and we try to refer families to other agencies if their needs exceed our resources.

Because personalized support makes a difference in the lives of our “Individual and Family Financial Assistance” recipients, we meet each family in need face to face. We are proud of our efforts to improve our neighbors’ lives and build a  more caring and supportive community with guidance and support from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


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